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My life, after finding Jesus, changed dramatically. I wanted to know more about him and his ministry. I read everything I could get my hands on back then. Later, I sought (my) ministry in service to this wonderful savior Jesus Christ. This blog is an archive of my years of Christian research. My blog also presents my personal experience working in the Gifts of the Spirit. As you click on my "Blog Archive," over three hundred different posts covering over ten years are there for your reference. Hopefully, this faith-based, reading opportunity fulfills your own curiosity and aids you in discovering more about your own faith in Jesus. God bless you.    
Recent posts
T ortured By Rash While serving as a local hospital chaplain, a woman I knew from church asked if I would visit her brother who was in the hospital. He was suffering with a mysterious rash that covered his body from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet. Even after several tests his doctors still could not determine the origin or cause of the man's medical problem. This man was tormented by the urge to constantly itch. He was miserable! When I entered his room he was sitting on the side of his bed. It was easy to see he was deeply disturbed by his affliction. Telling him I was there because his sister had asked me to come, he told me; "yes," he needed prayer badly because this terrible rash was driving him crazy! Trusting the Lord that the man's condition was not highly contagious, and that I was on a mission for the Lord and therefore protected from any threat of catching the rash myself; I asked the man if I could lay my hand on top of his head and pray

Remember Church On The Lake?

Do you remember when Church-on-the-Lake was "on the lake" -- Lake Livingston, Texas? I guess it was around ten years ago, our church, COTL (was) actually on the lake! It was near the little town of Blanchard, next door to a boat marina. Inside the small church building, the sanctuary had large windows that faced the open waters of the beautiful Lake Livingston. And, outside on the water, fishermen in their sleek, super-fast, bass boats launched down the boat ramp -- jet-skiers and party boats loaded with bronze skin fun-seekers in tiny bikinis also slipped into the water! When our pastor (Ed Jennings) back then, would get up to preach, with this wild panorama behind him, it was hard to focus on his sermon message! Some how we managed though to hear "the Word" and still feel like we had been to church. The folks at Church-on-the-Lake, even back then, were some of the most friendly people you would ever want to meet. Now today, in our bigger, new building located o

We Love Our Mothers!

My mother's name was Laura, she passed away in 1978 at the young age of 58. I loved my mother. My most precious memory of her is that she loved me! Always sacrificing, always patient, and always supporting whatever I wanted to do. Mother, was my great defender. When I wanted to learn to drive our car (a 1947 Chevy) at the young age of 12, my dad said NO!, but mother said, "Oh Bill, he's just curious, take him out to the car and show him how to shift the gears and where the pedals are." Dad did! I started driving alone at the age of 14! Mother would also insist dad take me to work with him on Saturdays. He was a mechanical draftsman. He taught me to draw when I was only seven there at his office each Saturday. Dad and I spent important time together; father and son, because mother encouraged us!  I remember when I first discovered little girls, and later, as a young teenage boy started to date, she would tell me before I left the house, "Melton, you be careful

God Is Lord of All Creation

Before all creation there was God. God always was, and He will always be. God is the creator of all creation. As Creator He alone establishes what is right and what is just. God is the supreme judge of man and of all things man establishes; good and evil. Man is free to choose to believe God or not; nevertheless God is God. His Word is the very highest authority , none is greater or can replace His dominion over all creation. Still, God is the very essence of love and His grace endures forever. He is God of all mercy who loves us all, believers and sinners alike. Our world is in grave danger. Satan (the evil-one) is very active in our nations, our families, our schools and in our personal lives. Satan’s will is to humiliate God, rob God of His people and to destroy as much of God’s creation as he can before the coming of Christ; our Lord, our King and our eternal salvation.  Throughout all history, mankind has carved false images of deities, adopted demigods of all kinds a

Here's a Funny, Manly Mother's Day Recipe!

Behind every good mother there's a good father ! At least there should be. I found this funny, delicious sounding recipe by Nicole MacLauglin of MY RECIPE YouTube fame, while looking for something easy I could fix my mother, SALLY CARR. Actually, she's not my birth mother. She's my wonderful, lovely wife. I know, at times, she looks after me like my mother. I don't mind, I do stuff just like I did when I was a small boy. I'm 80 years old but, hey, I'm still a child in some ways..."where's my underwear?; what's for lunch?; I guess I forgot to take out the garbage." You get the idea. Anyhow, look closely at Ms. MacLauglin in this video. See her husband? Enjoy the video and what he's preparing for her. LOL

I'm Still Thinking About My Blog Content

Creating my NEW! blog is exciting! My past posts, some dating back to 2006, are still relevant and beneficial today. As I read through them now, I find them very interesting. I have to ask myself, "Did I write that?" Well, I typed the material, but the Holy Spirit was my valuable source for most all I wrote. I hope you check in with my blog regularly. If there is a subject you would like me to include in my posts please let me know. I will pray about your concern and let the Holy Spirit inspire us! May God inspire and protect you and your family in these difficult days.